Saturday, November 22, 2008

Almost forgot .... Halloweeeeeen!

Haha, I knew something
happened in there that I forgot about. Halloween was fun. We had Ryun's son staying with us for the weekend in RL, and we had the big bash at Carpathia. Ryun was on air from 6-7 (would have started sooner but we hit traffic coming home from my office), then Stan took the airwaves and had 3 kick ass events! I had to miss the last 2 cuz I went to go host at SR. Came back at 10pm and DJ'd until 1am. We had four events planned and since we cut it short an hour we combined the last 2 events. Then the owner and I watched Doomsday on one of the big screen tv's in the club. I was soooo tired (up for like 22+ hours) but it was fun that night. YES that pic is meeeee, you can't see but I had knives in my back! I caught a few "child avi" comments lol, I think it creeped ppl out! I put a pic here of Ryun as Jason too (but think that was before the big night. Halloween in SL just freakin' rocks!

Damn I am terrible at keeping this thing maintained....

Ok, a basic breakdown, still DJ-ing but a few things have moved around a bit. I'm at SR four times a week now (still hosting 3 times a week in addition), and ... !!! I got a job at the famous biker sim LiL' SLurgis! I am there Sat and Sun at 6pm. The stream they use there is Rockngames Radio, which I understand to be the oldest radio station in SL! I am happy to be part of the kick ass staff there, along with my sis Metallia on Fridays at 10pm, and our friend Id who follows at 12am.

Underworld Desires has faded out, we had some fun there but the owner is working on bigger and better things. Carpathia is down for just a little while as the owner rebuilds and rearranges somethings due to the recent land changes. Ryun and I also started at Amya's friend's place, Voice Fantasies, and I am working there every other Tuesday at 6pm, just started on Nov. 18th.

Ryun and I are doing well, he actually moved in with me in RL, it's nice to see him everyday and be with him instead if just being in SL wishing we were together for real! He's meeting my mom and family next weekend O.O

Bought some land, a small island, started building a huge house but then the open space increases and new rules came out so we got shipped to a regular sim that's about 1/4 of the size, more neighbors, and closer ones at that, but same tier fees! Well I thought after all this came out we'd be homeless so I am grateful for what we have. Just had to scale the house back a bit lol but it's still pretty big. It's not perfect but I am super proud of it and honored that my baby and I get to live in a house like that. Pics soon to follow (when I finally get a roof on it lol).

Monday, October 13, 2008

OKAY, been awhile...

Yes I have been so terribly busy, have not had a chance to keep this up. So here's what's been going on in a nutshell...

After a very long time of depression, I have finally experienced some things that make me truly happy and I have finally moved on from my heartbreak. It took me so long to let go, even though it was already over and done with before I realized it. I will always remember him, love him and hope that he's doing ok, but I will no longer sit around and be depressed wondering why he let us die.

After Met's wedding, my SL pics took off and I got to do some profile pics for some friends, and hope to continue in this business. I enjoy doing it, and it's given me back my interest in graphic art. One of these days I am going to post a slideshow on here if possible. Also, making a few bits of clothes and spiked things, even built a house one night! Will be exploring more into these waters, and hope I can produce something of significance.

I have long been intrigued by the concept of live DJ's in SL. My sis Metallia, one of the best damn DJ's I've ever met, has been my greatest inspiration to give it a try, and she even helped me get everything set up and ready to go. Thank you sis :) I was given my first shot at a rez day party on 9/24 and it seemed to go well. I was sure to let the owner of Sanctuary Rock know that it went well, and 2 days later she let me do the trial there. I have been hanging out at SR since December '07 and have many friends there and the music is just perfect. I started dancing in January and I think the hosting began in April, and now I'm a DJ there 3 times a week. I love working there, hanging out there and even listening from home if I can't be at the club. It is the best club in SL, we are pretty much going there 24/7. The only time you will go to SR and not find a soul around is if the sim has crashed and you are the first one back!

So I've picked up a few more gigs along the way at different places. A friend of mine owns a cool little place called Underworld Desires... he asked me to come DJ as an emergency, I suggested a neko event so he pretty much trashed the whole place and decided to leave it that way. We love partying in the mess, best part is we don't have to clean up after ourselves! He's asked me to come DJ and bring friends pretty much whenever, so we've spent many nights there goofing off and having some nice dirty fun. We just had a party there on 10/11 for my rez day (it's officially today... I am one year old now) and was tons of fun. We managed to pack in 26 ppl in the small space, laggged out to hell but fuck it was fun! Ryun and I were on the stream for nearly 6 hours.

Ryun and I were contacted by a sim owner who asked us to hold a few events during the week at her club, Carpathia, that she was getting ready to open. I was on air last night for the grand opening and damn we have fun! A lot more people than we expected for the first night and the owner gave out $10,000L in prizes for the events. I was very happy to be there on the first night and my baby Ryun was there by my side the whole time with made me even happier.
We will be having a big Halloween bash on 10/31/08!

Ok, last but certainly not least... I became friends with this great guy and it turned into a lot more than either of us planned or expected. He talked to me when he was feeling bad about not being able to work it out in his previous relationship and after some days went by we just grew closer and closer and feelings started to develop. Geographically, we are very close in RL, and will be meeting very soon. I am glad we had the friendship going first and everything else that's happened in only the last few days has been wonderful and I hope it just continues on that path.
Ryun... I love you baby <3

Alrighty, will try to keep this more updated and some pics soon to follow!

Monday, September 1, 2008


This is Silver's dog that I got for his birthday, however, for some fortunate reason I got a copy left at my house. He doesn't talk much but it's nice to have the company when I'm at home building (or crying my eyes out). He gets along great with my occasional dogs, Cuddles and Dopey (probably because they can't follow him around the house and get in his way).

So here's to you, Dark, for making some lonely times a bit less lonely. Please don't wander off again, I was a wreck that day! Luv you poochie =)

Saturday, August 23, 2008

The Wedding

Ok so I was pressed for time and didn't get to finish all that I wanted to. Then had to go out in RL for a beer run about 45 minutes before the ceremony started. It was starting at 8pm and I was sitting here at 6:00 freaking out because I had not seen or heard from Ovi all day. Of course I had only been up 3 hours... but Met was about to log on and I didn't want her to be worried about anything. She had talked to Ovi though so all was good. Was a bit of a rough start... the sim's avatar limit was hit and Met wasn't able to teleport in, LOL. Ovi had to send the bagpiper packing :/ DJ Moose was streaming in some nice celtic music and we eventually got things going. It seemed to go very well! It was a beautiful ceremony and I got some good pics. Just attaching a few in the raw right now but I will be doing some photoshop enhancements on some of them and they will be posted here within a day or two, so stay tuned!

Reception was a ton of fun! No mishaps that I noticed and everybody seemed to have a good time. * HERE'S TO YOU METALLIA AND OVISTIUM! CHEERS! *

Friday, August 22, 2008

The love doll! (SCAREH o_O)

Damn I couldn't leave this out! LOL! Got a hold of this thing from a friend (unopened) and gave it to Met to give to Fuelee for his 3rd year REZ DAY last month. Met placed the doll on the dance area in front of Fuel that night during her DJ gig at Lil' SLurgis. Last I saw or heard of it until about a week or two ago, I was at Met's and we flew up to Fuel's house and she put the doll in his pose ball area. I think it took a few days for him to go in there and notice, and then a day or so later he told me he put it somewhere at Met's house, but didn't say where. THEN today, Met tells me they went upstairs and see this fucking doll looking at them through the window from the balcony. LMAO !

To my sis:

Dear Metallia,
As we enter the day of your wedding, I want to take this moment to tell ya that you mean the world to me. I met you like maybe 7 months ago and I feel like I've known you for YEARS! I can't wait to meet ya face to face next week! OMG!

I realize that I can be a total pest at times, and you boss me around too much LOL, but it's all part of the deal of being sisters and I wouldn't change anything!

Thanks for letting me be a big part of your wedding and trusting me to help make things nice and/or a little easier for you and Ovi. For all that you've done for me, I can only hope that I've helped a bit. I know this marriage doesn't mean I'm losing a sister, but gaining a brother in law :)

Just keep on sending the multiple daily emails and saying "HI YA, SIS" every time you hop on to SL and we'll be good. Have a good SL marriage sis! HUGZ!

Love, Erika

And the wedding is upon us...

WOW it's been a busy few days as Met's wedding comes closer. It's gonna be Friday night! I've taken the day off RL work to relax (will be awhile before I get a chance to take time off) and will finalize anything that I can help with. Finished the lights last night, and the prim flower arrangement that ended up WAY too many prims... so I will need to reconfigure it tomorrow. We had the rehearsal tonight and it was ... interesting lol. Poor Met and Ovi, trying to get 8 people do to the same thing ... in some type of ... order, well lol I'm sure it's no easy task. Then we all went to the castle and played on the "highland fling" balls, lol. Later tonight (err.. this morning: it is past 2am) I will go and finish adding flowers to the cake and mebbe to do some table centerpieces.

So it's been fun, I got to make a lot of stuff for this, the bouquets, the bracelets, the tables, some lights and stuff. I am so happy to be part of this, I love Met so much. It's scary how much a like we are in some ways. I luvz being her annoying lil' sis, lol.

Attached some pics of the preparation process.... and I so LOVE that Met came to rehearsal in a demo wedding skirt and ROLLERS in her hair! Her sense of humor is awesome. <3

Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday night at the Midnight Sun

I plan to try and write a little something every day, because for as much time as I spend on SL, something strange is bound to happen on a daily basis. Although this has become a tradition for at least 7 months, this was a slightly unusual night, as Metallia's fiance was not with us, due to internet loss. After Met finished her DJ set, we sat on the couch and just talked. It's been while. We talk every day but to just chill out in SL, chatting up a storm, and neither of us dancing or building something or another, it was nice.

Forget the fact that we were in a strip club and listening to some nice ear bleeding music, it was pretty cool. The boss lady was dancing away near us, SEXY as hell and I was smoking a joint... in a school girl outfit, and going back and forth with flirtatious banter that I found quite interesting. O.O

Sunday, August 17, 2008

1st late nite rambling

Well it's around 5:30am now and I've not slept in some time.

I have a splitting headache and I'm yawning at the rate of 4 per minute. The sane part of me (yeah, I do have one, came as quite a shock to me as well) is telling me to "GET SOME FUCKIN' SLEEP DUMMY" but the 'tard in me, which is my predominate side, is saying "oh to hell with it, you don't answer to anyone and can stay up all ya want."

I feel like total crap right now, I think it's time to listen to my sane bits and get to bed, so I can have yet another shitty night and wake up feeling even worse tomorrow.

Note: this blog will have pics and interesting stories along the way, it won't all be about me being stupid and illogical... much.

I stole this from m0xi, who stole it from Guen!


You are The Star

Hope, expectation, Bright promises.

The Star is one of the great cards of faith, dreams realised

The Star is a card that looks to the future. It does not predict any immediate or powerful change, but it does predict hope and healing. This card suggests clarity of vision, spiritual insight. And, most importantly, that unexpected help will be coming, with water to quench your thirst, with a guiding light to the future. They might say you're a dreamer, but you're not the only one.

What Tarot Card are You?
Take the Test to Find Out.

We all have to start somewhere

Well being that it's nearly 4am, please don't expect much here. I wanted to do this for some time now... I don't think of myself as much of a writer, since when I TRY to write I get blocked, but I've been told by a few people I should write shit.

I truly believe that typing out my thoughts and feelings will help me gain some insight to what the fuck is going on in Erika's world, or lack there of. For my poor, poor friends who have endured my quite lengthly emails and countless hours of IM ramblings in SL, this should help alleviate some of that agony for them. I truly hope my friends will read this at their convenience though, and add thier advice or comments when I get stuck in shitty situations, as I tend to often do.

As much as I get carried away with details, I will try hard to spare them for the privacy of those involved. Just a warning, this blog is most likely going to be filled with late night ramblings as I am kinda busy these days in SL, and doing stuff until I get worn out, but then refuse to go to bed for whatever twisted reason. >.<