Saturday, September 5, 2009

Time flies!

Holy shit it's been like 4 freakin' months since I've added anything new here. What can I say, things are busy busy busy!! Kaotik Kreations and RL consume me nearly in whole nowdays...

So, I've decided, instead of blabbling here during those very few precious spare moments, I am going to add a new blog regarding the store.. it's about freakin' time, I've been in business about a year now and no bloggin' about the store yet!

As for what's been up lately.. not a whole lot! Only working temp in RL, still no perm job.. totally sucks, but we are squeakin' by. Ryun and I are still together, and we'll be moving in RL in a couple months. He got a job out here so we aren't moving out of the city but our damn apartment is just way too much $$$ for our teeny paychecks!!

This year I've done 3 things I've wanted to do for some time now:
1> Opened up a shop in SL and it's success is more than I could ever have wanted. Of course, I get greedy and I want the store to grow and be substantial enough to provide a supplemental income, lol, it's been doing ok for that matter but slow summer sales, and having to move the store and being in a weird sim hasn't helped much. It's amazing seeing how much the store has evolved. Customer base grew into a varity of people's style's and I've tried to remodel to accomodate that more, but I get bored with it easily and keep wanting to remodel!

2> Got mah nose pierced in RL.. ok for me, huge deal, as I'm a total needlephobic and I have a very low tolerance for pain.. yup, big baby I am but I really wanted to do this and I'm so glad I did! Can't wait until the damn thing heals so I can go get a ring for it.

3> Got mah first tattoo in RL, another huge deal for me (see above). It really felt like a cross between getting a tetnus shot over and over again for like 45 minutes, and someone sitting there cutting my arm with an exacto knife or razor. It was NOT pleasant. Ryun was there holding my hand and I just had to keep talking to him to distract myself. I breathed deep, tried to close my eyes and take my mind to a happy place but it just didnt' work lol. It hurt, I won't lie. But really, after it was done, I was nauseas and a little sore for about 30-45 minutes after, then nothing. I was totally fine after that. A tad bit of soreness, some itching here and there, but I couldn't believe how quickly the actual pain went away. During it, I said I will never do this again, but now I think maybe I will. Though considering I felt that much pain in the least painful spot of my body, I can't really imagine where I'll get the next one. The guy getting his huge black shoulder tat in the other room was actually snoozing during the buzzing so maybe it gets easier over time? Ryun got the same tat as me and he said he was actually getting goosebumps during his, he's quite used to it.

Yah so, this may be the last entry for awhile, sorry it wasn't infomative and pretty to look at LOL. Please follow me on the Kaotik Kreations Blog !!!