Saturday, November 22, 2008

Almost forgot .... Halloweeeeeen!

Haha, I knew something
happened in there that I forgot about. Halloween was fun. We had Ryun's son staying with us for the weekend in RL, and we had the big bash at Carpathia. Ryun was on air from 6-7 (would have started sooner but we hit traffic coming home from my office), then Stan took the airwaves and had 3 kick ass events! I had to miss the last 2 cuz I went to go host at SR. Came back at 10pm and DJ'd until 1am. We had four events planned and since we cut it short an hour we combined the last 2 events. Then the owner and I watched Doomsday on one of the big screen tv's in the club. I was soooo tired (up for like 22+ hours) but it was fun that night. YES that pic is meeeee, you can't see but I had knives in my back! I caught a few "child avi" comments lol, I think it creeped ppl out! I put a pic here of Ryun as Jason too (but think that was before the big night. Halloween in SL just freakin' rocks!

Damn I am terrible at keeping this thing maintained....

Ok, a basic breakdown, still DJ-ing but a few things have moved around a bit. I'm at SR four times a week now (still hosting 3 times a week in addition), and ... !!! I got a job at the famous biker sim LiL' SLurgis! I am there Sat and Sun at 6pm. The stream they use there is Rockngames Radio, which I understand to be the oldest radio station in SL! I am happy to be part of the kick ass staff there, along with my sis Metallia on Fridays at 10pm, and our friend Id who follows at 12am.

Underworld Desires has faded out, we had some fun there but the owner is working on bigger and better things. Carpathia is down for just a little while as the owner rebuilds and rearranges somethings due to the recent land changes. Ryun and I also started at Amya's friend's place, Voice Fantasies, and I am working there every other Tuesday at 6pm, just started on Nov. 18th.

Ryun and I are doing well, he actually moved in with me in RL, it's nice to see him everyday and be with him instead if just being in SL wishing we were together for real! He's meeting my mom and family next weekend O.O

Bought some land, a small island, started building a huge house but then the open space increases and new rules came out so we got shipped to a regular sim that's about 1/4 of the size, more neighbors, and closer ones at that, but same tier fees! Well I thought after all this came out we'd be homeless so I am grateful for what we have. Just had to scale the house back a bit lol but it's still pretty big. It's not perfect but I am super proud of it and honored that my baby and I get to live in a house like that. Pics soon to follow (when I finally get a roof on it lol).