Saturday, November 22, 2008

Almost forgot .... Halloweeeeeen!

Haha, I knew something
happened in there that I forgot about. Halloween was fun. We had Ryun's son staying with us for the weekend in RL, and we had the big bash at Carpathia. Ryun was on air from 6-7 (would have started sooner but we hit traffic coming home from my office), then Stan took the airwaves and had 3 kick ass events! I had to miss the last 2 cuz I went to go host at SR. Came back at 10pm and DJ'd until 1am. We had four events planned and since we cut it short an hour we combined the last 2 events. Then the owner and I watched Doomsday on one of the big screen tv's in the club. I was soooo tired (up for like 22+ hours) but it was fun that night. YES that pic is meeeee, you can't see but I had knives in my back! I caught a few "child avi" comments lol, I think it creeped ppl out! I put a pic here of Ryun as Jason too (but think that was before the big night. Halloween in SL just freakin' rocks!

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