Friday, February 13, 2009

SL Realities

Okay well, it's been a long fucking time. And, I'm not much in a writing mood right now. Just wanted to share a little find.

I was out snooping around for high traffic shop space to rent and came across a main store that had no space to rent but tons of people. I searched around to see where all the people were and it was a beach. I've seen plenty of beaches in SL and I've lived on one almost all of my second life. This was different, for me anyway.

There was a street, and palm trees and stuffs. Reminds me of home in RL. I live not far from the beach in RL and it just looks like home to me. This place reminds me of why I haven't gotten out of California yet, despite the fact that I can't afford a house here (and not much else since I lost my job).

I clicked on a rock near the waves and turned off the music and just sat there listening to the waves (and Ryun snoring in the other room lol). It never ceases to amaze me how real things can feel in SL. Just a wave crashing, or a slow dance with someone special... the feelings are very real even though we are just sitting there staring at a monitor.

Makes me think of how SL is so real for me. I don't really look like Erika, but she is me in every other sense. My creative side has definately come back out to play and I'm trying to do everything I've had an interest in, even if only in SL for now. I have managed to stay clear of the heavy drama for over a year; been tangled up in some matters of the heart but I haven't had any fall outs - just about everybody I've met is still a great friend to me or just faded away due to different SL interests. Don't get me wrong, I respect everyone's purpose of SL, and those who wish to keep everything seperate but to me, SL is so much more than a game.

Everybody should enjoy thier SL experiences to the fullest... don't waste your time and energy with making people upset or getting caught up in other people's shit. Do everything you want and nothing you don't want to do. SL is my sanity sometimes... I hope it means something special to everyone.